Design a Logo for Legacy Development

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Design a Logo for Legacy Development

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This is an exercise in Branding, specifically, my client has no color palette yet, no symbols, no current design, no website.

I would like you to create a logo tailored to:

1. The company description
2. Our target market
(Please take this request seriously and review each section below)

*Please create two options - one option giving you open creativity, and then make one logo option that includes the "Knight chess piece".

Company Description:
In business for 25 years, Legacy Development builds primarily new homes for families, and does some construction projects and home remodeling as well. Legacy Development is known for being honest, reliable, and hard working. Legacy Development is very good at creating custom homes for clients, and helping clients "dream homes" become reality.

Target Market:
White Male, Age 45-52 with advanced education (Masters degree or Doctorate). Income level is above $150,000 USD per year, and looking to build a family home. He is married, with 2 children who are now in their 20s. I have more information on the target market, but this is the broad overview, feel free to ask any questions you'd like.

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