Design a Logo for Local Stickball Team

Design a Logo for Local Stickball Team

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We are a community team, who arranges sport events, and does demonstrations for local schools to educate people of the Traditional game of "Stickball," also known as Little Brother of War. We are needing a logo for our key players that are called "Chvnkvsh." We were thinking of something similar to the SOA grim reaper, but replace the Rifle with the Stickball Sticks and Globe with the Ball called "Towa."

These Players are Quick, Fast, and Tough. They do both Defense, Offense, and will take down someone twice their size so we need they are fearless.

Must be a VECTOR image
The Picture must Have the word "Chvnkvsh,"
a pair of Stickball Sticks (2)
and One "Towa" Ball.

The Picture will be put on Caution Green Shirts and Red Shirts.
We will need all rights to the files, minimum 300 pixels, with multiple file formats needed to send to Screen Printers.

I am looking forward to see your designs.

Best regards,
David Watson

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