Design a Logo for New Business

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Design a Logo for New Business

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I require a logo for a new startup business - Pure Booths, we specialize will in supplying Photo Booths for hire at events, parties and weddings, coroporate events etc.

The logo must get across that we are a professional business yet still maintain the whole 'fun' aspect of the event which will be hired for.

Creative control after these points is fully up to the designer (colour, layout, PureBooths or Pure Booths etc) however if previous work looks like it was designed in MS paint it's safe to say you will not be picked, designers with examples previous work which matches our stated specifications have more chance of being picked.

The best design which fits our needs and future site the best will be chosen, original designs and custom creations will likely be favoured (i.e no clip art!)

Colour scheme is up to the creator but our eventual website theme will be based around the logo colours so it should be more than one colour and fit easily with a multitude of other colours. It should however NOT be neutral colour such as Cream as it needs to stand out and will be used to build our brand.

The style should be formal but still maintain a fun and inviting feel.

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