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> Objective: Retain core text design but re-package by making adjustments to graphics and layout. Current logo attached.

[+]Parameters for adjustment:
- As a baseline, use the current text design (font and positioning the words 'PetFusion')
- Most important element of text design to keep is the word 'pet' sitting on top of 'fusion' with the letter 't' dotting the 'i' like a tail
- Beyond this, free to propose any changes (font type, finer details of font graphics, etc.)
- Open to a wide range of color palletes, does not need to match what you see if you've visited for our website
- Design without the text 'Your world with your pet's' but the design should allow to add back in if needed

[+]Key brand themes for inspiration:
- Modern product offering, intended to fit in with stylish home decor
- Neutrality / simplicity
- No restriction on color pallets but follow same neutrality / simplicity guiding principle
- Products valued for both style and functionality
- Primarily cat and dog products
- Avoid use of generic 'paw prints' or arbitrary presence of cats/dogs -- use of images should have meaning to communicate an idea
- Desire to have an 'icon' or 'symbol' that can be used as a stand-alone logo in situations where there is not enough room for the full company logo

Attached Files: PF+logo.JPG

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