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Contest Brief is a not for profit organisation working on the following:

Purpose - To empower people and organisations to SHARE Services, Knowledge, Opportunity to promote equality and harmony for the benefit of society

Vision - To create a global, sustainable and self-propagating system that empowers people and organisation to promote equality and harmony for the benefit of society.

Values - (SHARE)
Hand up, not hand out
All Treated Equal
Reasonable distribution of wealth (30:1), education and opportunities
Environmentally Sustainable

Providing services through the following 3 pillars:
SHARE Services - To connect the skills of individuals and the services of organisations with charities, empowering all involved to make a difference for the benefit of society.
SHARE Knowledge - To create an accessible and sustainable model of education and learning for students, teachers and communities by aligning and evolving best practices to enhance values education for the benefit of society.
SHARE Opportunity - To promote fairer wealth distribution by establishing profit share and income distribution models to create greater equality in wealth distribution for the benefit of society.

There is an attached file labeled 'Sharetree logo extension', please refer to this for the design brief and image that needs to be used to create your design.

If you accept the Sharetree logo competition please see attached files for some direction in regards to the design of the logo.

Attached Files: ShareTree Logo Competition suggestions.docx Typeface reference 1.docx Sharetree logo extended.docx Sharetree logo extended.docx

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