Design a Logo for Tatum & Mitchell

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Design a Logo for Tatum & Mitchell

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Hello wonderful designers!

I am looking for an upmarket logo and label design for my new brand of home-made dog food called "Tatum & Mitchell". The food is more expensive than regular dog food and thus the logo needs to be upmarket and show class as it will be marketed towards affluent people. Please have a look at the attached “The Competition” to see where I am heading

All of the food is made with human-grade ingredients and is wholesome home-made dog food.
I will be developing several flavours, but the first flavour is chicken, rice and pumpkin - all natural ingredients. No preservatives or added salt or additives, just the natural goodness of real products. Real chicken, real pumpkin etc. I will not be using by-products (chicken or bone meal etc.) at all.

I have already designed a logo but it is too close to an existing brand so I want to change it. Please have a look at the “Tatum and Mitchell Label” attached.
I want the logo inside a circle. This is for packaging reasons. I like dark grey or black with a white font. I am open to other colour suggestions if you have an inspirational and unique idea. Just bear in mind that colours like red don't lend themselves to fresh food and will give an aggressive feel which I don't want. The logo must give an impression of goodness, trustworthiness, class and professionalism
The dimensions for the packaging (“Tatum and Mitchell Label” ) are as follows:
The circle has a diameter of 9cm and the rectangular strip behind it has dimensions of 33cmx5cm with an added bleed of 3cm for wrapping purposes. The colour of the strip will change per flavour but the circular logo must remain the same

I have also attached photographs of my dogs, Tatum and Mitchell as they were the inspiration for the food. I wouldn't mind a depiction or basic illustration of one or both of them on the label. PLEASE no cartoon characters; clipart or wingdings! You will notice that the label I designed has a basic illustration of Tatum but it looks a little too much like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Also look at my competitor's logo (“The Competition”) to see their illustration

The artwork needs to be immediately recognisable as a dog product / food so the addition of a paw print/dog bone/dog nose is acceptable and possibly necessary

I work in Coreldraw so the final product from the winning designer must be provided in a format that I can use in Coreldraw and must be very high resolution as I will be printing large posters. I will also need all font files and the CMYK breakdown for each colour etc.
All rights to the artwork will be mine after work is completed
The logo must be presented inside a circle with enough space underneath it for me to add the flavour and other things required for the label

Thank you for your time and talent and all the best to all of you!

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