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We're glad to open to the designers community this contest to redesign our logo, to aware the best project& more cognitive, creative ideas.
We're a VOIP telecom business, established with local networks in several countries into Spain, Peru, US, Dom. Rep. Colombia, several middle eastern countries, and other in EU area.

Our business focus was marked by the service HD quality, and oriented to promote the use of the SIP voice protocol mobile devices. So from here is coming our trade mark name: , mean, SIP (the Session Internationalizations Protocol), for the voice over IP, and CEL from Cellular.

Our current logo, even, ugly designed, don't represent any more our business focus, please check it here: because first it's ugly designed, second it's contenting the EURuro symbol as a EURuropean business, when we're today a global business, and we don't even bill in EURuro, we basically bill in USD, so, this logo is bringing absolute confusions.

So, we're requiring to hear and aware the best idea to design/ develop a representative logo which should represent the SIP Service protocol, the Cellular devices, the worldwide presence, and the HD and service quality. Please keep away the classical ideas to have the earth logo, or a telephone connected to the earth, be creative, and intuitive. Logo have to be used in all over our public images, smartphone applications, etc... So, upon the design acceptance, we would require you to submit full file with several sizes for our requirement.

Any requirement, or clarification, please send PM.

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