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I'm going to launch a forum-centric community site called "Trader Square" for Japanese traders, who trade stocks, bonds, futures and forex. One of similar sites is
Since I am a software developer myself, the site will be dealing with slightly tech-savvy topics about systematic and/or automatic trading until it grows bigger.

I am looking for a graphical logo for the website, which should be a circlic or square-shaped, because it will also be used as an 1:1 icon (like favicon).
You should also present a rectangle variation with texts "Trader Square", that can be used in the forum header.

Since a part the site visitors are also users of our company software products, the graphical logo should give them impressions such as (with no particular order):
- trustworthy
- knowledgeable
- honest
- thoughtful
- solid
- friendly
It is not my intention to convey an idea like "let's get rich quick".

The site will be implemented using Invision forum software and should look like this (at least for a while until I can rebrand the site):
Your candicates should match and look good with this forum design.

Other than that, I'll just wait for your proposal and choose the designs I like.

Keep in mind that right now I have very limited time to spend on commenting your design candidates, so please do not expect me to guide you to the right direction by taking your hand.
I will just mark your proposals with stars: 1-4 stars mean that I'm not satisfied with it enough but 4 stars is close, and 5 stars mean I will consider it in the final decision.

When in doubt, please visit my corporate site at and investigate my previous contests as well, to guess what kind of designs I tend to prefer.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing awesome designs from you!

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