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Company is Brand Integrated Gaming - B.I.G.

I have an idea for a logo but not sure if it will work - so wouldn't mind seeing some attempts at my one and then some other creative ones.

My idea is to have the initials BIG in the centre with he full name at the bottom or scrolling around?

The B would be on a button and look like an Xbox Controller button same with the G the I would be a joystick. (If it also replicated the colours (in order) of the xbox controller and buttons that could be cool?

Had a few done on fiverr but they weren't very attractive (and people said they all looked like a penis when first looking at them)

Attached Files: Rev02_Order__FO5409BBC6A8_Logo.jpg BIG75x75.jpg Order__FO622D2B21F1_First_Draft.jpg

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