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I have a University project where I have to create a full mock company. I am allowed assistance from professional designers on the branding side etc so am reaching out using freelancer. Although this is for a university project the quality must be up to the standard that it would be useable in a full time company!

Initially I would like a logo creating for my 'company' and then if I like what I see I will hire the winner to create a full corporate identity for my company.

As an overview the company is called and is basically a one stop shop for products that are related to healthy lifestyle. The company will 'sell' Sport, Nutrition and Health products to people who want to and who are currently living a healthy lifestyle.

I would like to get a logo created that is relevant to the above.

I have a few "slogans" that I like, and depending on which looks the best one of these can be included within the logo:

- Live Long, Live Healthi
- The Healthi Store
- Don't Just Live, Live Healthi

Looking forward to receiving your submissions.

Please let me know if you have any questions


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