Design a Pull Up Banner for a Coffee Business

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Design a Pull Up Banner for a Coffee Business

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We want to make a pull-up banner to be placed beside our mobile espresso bar in every events. The purpose of the banner is to attract attention and to make encourage customers to hire us for their events.

Business name is " Coffee Concepts Company".
The slogan of our business is " Solutions to Great Coffee"
The main service we wanted to promote is " Events".

What is the "Events" Service about?
We call the service "Pop-up Coffee". Pop-up Coffee is a mobile espresso bar, where we can pop-up/set-up almost anywhere, for any events.
eg. Company Grand Opening, New Product Launch, Fashion Show, Wedding Reception etc...

NO Wordy Banner. NO Boring banner. NO Unrelated info.
WANT Catchy Phrases. WANT Appealing Photos. WANT Attract Attention.

Attached : Pictures of an event (Company Grand Opening) by C3 + C3 Logo

Updated with some pictures. Can take a look... Use them wisely. Simplicity, Attractive, Pleasant and most importantly, covey the right message, is the key.

Add this campaign name to the banner design...
"Treat Your Guest To The Best"

Main marketing element >Events<
Types of Events > Wedding Reception, Grand Opening, Product Launch, Corporate Event, Road Show etc etc

Please add our website in the design. "[url removed, login to view]"
Also social media.

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