Design a T-shirt: Shochu is good.

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Design must include the following text (please do NOT include macrons above the o and u in the word shochu):
Shochu is good.
*Do NOT include the bottle image that is attached to this contest.

Design location:
Center of t-shirt chest (the back of the t-shirt will be blank).
*Small and simple are best.

Easy, right?

Background on shochu:
Shochu ( is a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage native to Japan that has been around for more than 500 years. While it is immensely popular here in Japan, the drink is mostly unknown in the rest of the world. Shochu is written 焼酎 in Japanese, and Shochu is good can loosely be translated as 焼酎はおいしい。

Shochu is mostly enjoyed in izakaya and Japanese restaurants in major cities around the world. This is not something that the average college student is going to get into, so they probably would not want or need this t-shirt. The target demographic for this beverage (and t-shirt) is people in their late 20s and older.

In my mind, I am picturing a simple, matter-of-fact design that avoids cheesiness or anything that is tongue-in-cheek. A text-only design is fine.

I am looking forward to seeing your ideas!

A jpeg image of shochu bottles on a counter from my personal collection.
A jpeg image of Kicchou Houzan, a potato shochu distilled in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

Attached Files: shochu-selection.JPG Kicchou Houzan.jpg

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