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We need to design a nice dashboard page for our new currency-trading related website:
it's in wordpress and we already have chosen the theme which is dominated by white color.
plz visit the theme's demo page to have better clues on how it's gonna look generally:

Attached is a poor looking layout of the page, That needs to be redone in a professional level - matching the theme...
things to note:
- The theme's header/menu and footer will be staying as you see in the theme's preview page.
- from the attached file you need to understand just the layout we're looking to have which means never mind any backgrounds, fonts colors, etc. build your own design - that's why we're posting this contest
- Just make sure it matches the theme's design overall
- That black graph/chart will stay as is. the colors of it can not be edited
- Those M30, H1, H4 and D1 items on the graph are actually buttons - should be redesigned

The website will be advising it's paid members how to bid on a forex market(buying or selling different money currencies).
It will send pips(signals) to it's members whenever it's a good time to buy or sell.
The dashboard will conclude the summary of member's account with latest charts and pips/signals

Plz pay attention to the notes and details mentioned here and give us your best creative results.
Thanks and good luck!

Attached Files: Dashboard DRAFT-1.jpg

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