Design a simple band advertisement for Hot Jazz Company

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Picture 1:
Looking for a good photoshopper that can help me remove the right banjo player and the right clarinet player from the group picture. (The two right persons on the picture). They need to get replaced by 1 person that needs to be photoshopped into the group picture. This is the saxophone player. Two pictures of him also included. You can choose what picture of him to use.

Some other things also need to be included in this advertisement.

The group name: ''Hot Jazz Company''
Concert Date in Dutch: ''Zondag 16-03-2014'' or ''Zondag 16 maart 2014''
Concert Time in Dutch: ''15:00 uur''
Concert building's name and place in Dutch: ''Zaantheater Zaandam''

Your task is to make a beautifull promotion advertisement for that date. The photoshopped group picture + group name + concert date + concert name all need to fit on one page.

Kind regards,

Hot Jazz Company!

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