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Our Mobile Phone Store needs a modern-day content rich website along with an eye-catching 2D logo that will be very recognisable and will standout from the crowd.

The logo should be clean and simple with a strong presence without relying on gradients or effects. The colour 'red' should feature in the logo. The name of the store 'Unifone' or 'unifone' should feature in the logo.

The website's theme should be an extension of the logo. Inspiration can be taken from Vodafone branding as well as the latest mobile phones (iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, etc) and their corresponding websites (,

We do not need any selling functionality at this point just rich content. The main content of the website will be about Vodafone plans and mobile phones, and a focus on in store deals. One function i would like to see integrated well is a very simple to use store finder overlaying some sort of map application.

Please provide Logo AND Website Design when you submit entries.

Additional Requirements:
Please provide a vector graphic for the logo.
Please provide a website favicon based on the new Logo Design.
Please make webpage width 1200px.

Recommended Skills:

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