Design a visual for a Jobfair

Design a visual for a Jobfair

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We need a visual for our job fair. The problem with our image is that, the resolution is too low.
So we would like a similar picture should not be exactly the same.


* NO crop marks
* Text in outlines
* Size file / document 3816width x 2410 height (mm)
* Viewing Area is 3816width x 2410height
* Save to PDF 1:1 (print quality)
Elements of this visual we sure would like to:
- The urban setting
- The cat should a little higher because people stand in front of it when it's too low, so it would be a shame for the wall if they would not be able to see it.

We need it pretty fast, so if we like the design, we can instantly choose it without waiting for other entries.
Good Luck!

DEADLINE: 24/09/2013

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