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Design an Advertisement for Link Bookkeeping Landing page

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Hi Guys,

This new design is an advertisement type thing, and is for a different business called Link Bookkeeping. We are a bookkeeping firm, and I am working on building a landing page on our website to show our "Training" services.

I want to train people in a software program called "XERO" and need the landing page for it. I thought a graphic would be the best way to go about doing this.

I like cartoon style graphics and thought we could have it going in steps like we did with the Brisbane RE (attached image). I would love to see some ideas, and
Please feel free to use your imagination and create a flowing design (of any kind) using the following platform:

- Link Bookkeeping provides quality training, allowing you to feel confident running your business with XERO
- We run courses every Friday afternoon from [url removed, login to view] - 5. Enjoy your Friday afternoon with us
- We teach you in all aspects of XERO. From Reconciliation, Invoices, Payroll and Reports
- Run your business the smart way with XERO, and learn with Link Bookkeeping

Course only $250.

Please include the XERO logo quite prominently in the design. (attached)

Please also review the website for theme ideas on [url removed, login to view]

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