Design an Advertisement for Print - rescueME Personal Locator Beacon

Design an Advertisement for Print - rescueME Personal Locator Beacon

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Contest Brief

Ad will be a half page horizontal ad printed in a magazine, advertising the rescueME personal locator beacon for rescueME Australia. We want the feel to be quite graphic with plenty of space used up by photographic images. Suitable images include (but are not limited to) ocean racing (sailing) and people being rescued from the ocean. The design is entirely up to you. Everything we have for you to use if you choose is attached to the project. Please ensure you have met all the requirements below in terms of what must be included in the ad and the height and width parameters please. Good luck!

rescueME Australia logo (view files attached to project) must be included

The following text MUST be on the advertisement;
[Please see attached file (RescueMe Brochure [url removed, login to view]) we also need the correlating icons to be incorporated with the text]
Introducing the world’s smallest PLB
30% smaller (typ) by volume
Easily fits in lifejacket
Retractable Antenna
7 Year Battery Life
7 year warranty
High brightness strobe light >1candela
66 channel GPS receiver
Unique mounting clip and flotation pouch
Wherever you are at sea or on land, the rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button

To find your nearest retailer visit [url removed, login to view] or phone (03) 9553 1639

- No reference to OceanSignal

This magazine’s reputation is enhanced by its attractive print quality and high production values, printed on premium gloss paper stock. The magazine is
published bimonthly, in six editions per year that are tailored for maximum exposure at the most significant international yachting events and boat shows.

DIMENSIONS – Half Page Horizontal
(Width x Height dimensions are in millimetres)
TRIM SIZE 230 x 145
TYPE SAFETY 210 x 125
BLEED 236 x 151

• Adobe Acrobat PDF (MAC or PC files): PDF files must be supplied with
crop marks and 3mm bleed. All fonts must be embedded and the PDF
must be distilled with CMYK down sampling at least 300 dpi.
• InDesign CS4/Quark Xpress 6 (MAC packaged files only): Supply high
resolution scans, at 300 dpi or higher in TIFF, EPS or JPEG format.
Files must be supplied with a same size laser proof, print out of the
disk directory window, as well as all fonts and extensions. and links.
• Illustrator CS4 (MAC files only): With all fonts converted to outlines.

Recommended Skills:

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