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Rapid Rings banner ad

I have researched both your game and different mobile app banners to formulate the best type of banner to produce. I stumbled across the following sentence on your app's page; 'Are you rapid enough?' This is a great way to generate interest about the game because it issues a challenge to the user and makes them more likely to get involved. The orange in the actual logo is good because it is loud enough to attract attention, but subtle enough that it isn't painful to view. I chose grey for the background, because following yet more research, I found that the most common app background is usually grey, or a neutral colour. This means that the advert could be mistakenly clicked (not the most honest way to generate clicks/interest, but is still a good source of downloads). Thank you for considering my entry and if you have any questions or further work I would like to do to this banner please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks again.

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