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I will release 220$ straight a way to the designer with good portfolio who i invited to the project and who can promise me it will be good. 220$ release guaranteed in advance.

I need a very beautiful and touching banner for my dear granny who died recently from brain tumor. Im going to open the charity fund for brain tumor patients so they could go abroad for treatment or just get a better treatment. Can u draw the tree on it, divided like a brain, one side with happy green leaves and the other side of the tree is with orange leaves falling to the ground, but dont make a tree too similar to the brain, a little bit similar and
in the middle of banner. The example of the tree in attached file, im very bad at drawing, plz dont laugh)))

The name of the charity: The Brain Tumor Charity Fund named after ML (should be written on the banner)

Also attached the photo of my granny which needs to be put on banner, maybe just do a sketch of this photo.Maybe put her photo or sketch of photo somewhere in the corner or near the ML letters( ML is the way I called her) just to let people know that this charity is opened to the memory of her.

Just do something creative and touching.

ALL ART MUST BE EITHER 100% ORIGINAL OR LEGALLY LICENSED FOR COMMERCIAL USE. And do ignore the attached file with site sketch.

Attached Files: site sketch.xlsx unnamed.jpg ml photo.jpg 20140115_013448.jpg

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