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We have a site that connects photographers with their customers. We need four icons designed. We would like the icons to have a consistent look and feel. We have attached a file that gives a general idea of what we are looking for. When mouse over we will code the icon to display what it does. We want the look of the icon itself to explain what it does. The icons will sit horizontally side by side.

Here are the four icons:
1. Book a shoot: this would be the first icon displayed and it could have a picture of a book with a camera on the cover of the book or something else that indicates to the customer they would click here to book a shoot with that particular photographer. When you mouse over the icon, it would say "Book a shoot with this photographer".
2. Invite to bid: We were thinking it could be an outline of a photographer with a plus sign next to it, on mouse over it would say "Invite photographer to bid on my event". (similar to the attached picture)
3. Add to favorites: we were thinking this could be a star and when mouse over, it would say "Add photographer to my favorites".
4. Ask questions: we were thinking this could be a question mark and when mouse over it would say " Ask photographer a question".

I have added a screen shot of what we have at this time. We obviously want them to look different from what we currently have. Ideally we would not have a square boarder but just the image with a white backdrop.

Attached Files: images.jpg 2013-07-02_0733.png

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