Design header Banners for website

Design header Banners for website

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I have a website it's my company website... It's been long time im planning to start the graphic work for the website but designers from my production house are too busy to do the artwork for the website. Even i don't get much time to ask them to do the designs and ideas. So here i'm posting the contest only for the banners on the top u can see on the structure. I have a lot more work to do regarding the site as u can see these site will focus the creative design for my clients. When my clients will browse the site they will get a flavor of outstanding design and art work that will inspire them to buy service from my company. If i summaries then the LOOK OF THE SITE WILL BE THE MAIN INSPIRATION FOR A CLIENT TO BUY MY SERVICE.

[url removed, login to view] will be the main site. Now if u see my logo on the top then u will get the branding theme in terms of the color. Ultimately the whole website will represent this color pattern. The dragon u are seeing is the mascot of the company. He will have his appearance where ever we have the possibilities.
Now if u click on the under construction then u will see the actual structure of the site. On the top u will see there will be five banners for five categories:
1. Logo and Graphic Design (A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies.-Paul Rand)
2. Caricature Artwork (A caricature is putting the face of a joke on the body of a truth. - Joseph Conrad)
3. Character Design (Character design is about communicating aspects of an individual character in a clear and recognisable way without other information. - Unknown)
4. Corporate Branding (A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. - Jeff Bezos)
5. Web and App Design-development (If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization. – Gerald Weinberg)

Chk this site for inspiration [url removed, login to view] (chk sides). Each banner is for each category like: Logo, t-shirt, app, web, bottle label etc etc. My idea is same. I need five banners for five of my categories. I am afraid for caricature i dont have much work but i do have some work (i guess two, if u want the source or image then let me know i will send u so that u can put then on Caricature banner). On this example site u see the branding color is white but on my site the branding color is blue and white. So i will expecting the banners are representing the same.
Btw my mascot is a Dragon i would like to see him on the banners if possible.

To chat for the logos and images chk the links...
Flickr: [url removed, login to view]
Freelancer: [url removed, login to view]
All u need to do is ask me which images u will need for the banner/banners

if u see the main theme the u will see the wow factors in terms of design. Here is the link: [url removed, login to view]
I gave u this link so that u can feel what wow factors i am after for the banners.

Im going to attach the supporting source(logo and the dragon ) files so that u can use them on the banners if needed.

Now here i know it will not be possible for one to give me all the five banners. As i will pick up the best banner for each category from different contestant. if i like ur banner or the concept then i will ask for revision on the selected banner.

For each selected banner i will pay $10USD if i take the final files from u. So please don't consider that u will be the winner of the contest for all five banners. It's better if u give ur full attention on only one banner that u think will be best for u to survive on this contest. If u a have confident then u can do more than one.

Looking forward to see some of the best quality artwork we have ever seen.

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