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We are a leading sports nutrition wholesaler within Europe and have recently launched a new service to develop our clients websites. We are looking to align with graphic designers for longer term partnership on regular projects.

This project is for a website rebrand/relaunch for

The best example for what the website will achieve is to take a look at which should give insight into what the website will provide.
1. Retail of sports nutrition products
2. Advice hub with articles/videos etc
3. Strong brand exposure through merchandise (clothing, workout accessories)

The logo required must meet the following:

1. Colours: Blue (dark,royal,navy), Blacks and Greys
1a. //OLD BRIEF//Colours: Dark Red, Blacks and Greys (see attached file for type of red colour)//OLD BRIEF//
We would like logos in both styles of blue and red, as we get more designs we will narrow down the colour scheme.

2. No clipart or generic icons found on google images

3. No standard font type such as Aerial etc. Need font with unique characteristics.

5. The "F" in Fanatical and Fitness must be strong and unique typography. The logo must be flexible enough so that the full logo with the full website name can be used, but also just the "F" can be used as a logo. Please see attached files which should explain.

6. The size priority must be on "Fanatical" and "Fitness". The word "About" can be smaller.

We are looking for concepts using the following inspiration in files attached.
1. Logo with Fanatical About Fitness
2. Logo with just a strong designed "F" like shape. But to which the website name could be added. E.g and
3. The logo will be used on merchandise (sports bottles, t-shirts etc) for men and women so must be gender neutral, no Biceps or dumbdells IF using icons.
4. For typography, we don't mind fonts used, but they must be unique.
5. Logo must be strong enough to convert into a favicon

We appreciate at this stage it is pretty much a blank canvas for you to provide any creative concepts. As we get examples coming through, we will of course continue to refine the requirement through active feedback, to get to a more focused design for the client.

We would like to add that we develop 5-10 websites per month within this industry so future work engagements is what we are looking for with quality freelancers.

Following the entries received so far. We have some universal feedback which may be useful.
We do not want any generic people shapes you can easily get from google images etc. This would be the same as any generic logo in the market. This client requires something unique, not a join up of clipart images and generic icons found in google images under health sport etc.
Many thanks and look forward to receiving some more entries.

We have decided to go with Red/Silver/Grey with hint of black (if needed) for the colour scheme.
Thank you to all for the entries so far

Have seen some interesting entries so far. I can confirm if any silhouette of a person are used then this needs to be unique as this is a really common logo feature in the health and fitness industry.
Would be good to see more examples of negative space being used. Just curios to see what entries we get.

Attached Files: 200331_logoinspiration2_371928_brief164722.png Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 15.14.39.png

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