Design logo for film equipement rental company

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Design logo for film equipement rental company

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i need to redesign my brand which i did quickly for my company during its born. ([url removed, login to view]) -- idea was to use the dots as viral organism agresively overlaping to another brands or design elements when used on some poster or design or in a row of other logos.... (but nobody almost used it in a right way so --- idea i love, but usability is low)

new sketch ([url removed, login to view]) i did couple weeks ago to fill lack of visibility on smaller posters next to other brands.

it is about renting film equipement (cameras - red, alexa, dslrs -- lenses & acessories --- lighting & sound)

- bio as shortage of BIOGRAF (czech word for "CINEMA")
- bio as modern world for healthy madness cult
- bio as something what can evolve quickly (Petri dish)

- inovative fresh brand
- inovative fresh colors
- can be agressive - make typographic visual content joke from old well known brands (they are here for ages and dies slowly because no young and fresh people help them catch current trends)
- should be solved usage of motto or sentence next to logo ("camera & lights rental")

primary online, sponsored logo, after effect animation for beginning and end of video
secondary business card, print

should work positive and negative version, negative on black is more important if chosen only one.

dslr, camera, film shooting, healthy, contemporary, viral, cinema, new school, young, agressive brand

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