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Hi, i am working on a little project on my own, but i need a logo for it. The project name is Pandus and i will need a logo for this, Pandus comes from panda the animal. I want to get a nice font for my logo such as facebook, twitter, freelancer etc... I want the font to be light, slick, modern and easy (no cursive). Thats part one, i also want an icon, such as the twitter bird or the Freelancer bird, but i want the icon to be a panda (panda face or waving panda) The panda face needs to look friendly. Both the icon and the font needs to match each other. I want everything to fit two colors and no gradients.

Also, i don't want any borders on the icon, such as in the drawing which is down below.

It would be nice to have an icon that looks the image of the panda baby. Put only the panda tho.

It can't be a lot of details on the logo since it need to work in black/white aswell.

The color code is #1D76AA(rgb: 29.118.170) and white.

I need everything in a vector forman and i also need the font file from the logo. The font file need to have the letters ÆØÅ since i am norwegian and the logo need to support norwegian characters.

The logo will need to fit this webapge:

I want the icon and the text (pandus) to be two separate files

Also, i will need more design later, if you do a good job now, maybe i will use you again for icons and stuff to this project.

Attached Files: panda_baby.jpg imgres.jpg webpage.jpg

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