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I am an adaptable and responsible graduate in Mechanical Engineering with a vision to advance acquired skills technologically as well as develop a good approach to Problem Solving. my core principle has always been customer satisfaction. 1.Advanced CADCAM • Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of Mechanical Element and Machine. • Design process and its functional optimization. • Computer-aided manufacturing with CNC part programming. • Computer-Aided Engineering-Matlab and Ansys. 2. Finite Element Analysis and Applications for triangular element, truss element, and beam element using the below methods: • Direct Stiffness Method • Unity Dummy Method • Variational Approach • Weighted Residual Methods- Jacobian Methods 3.Production Technology • CNC Milling and Lathe Operation and Programming. • Machining process such as casting, wire drawing, NTM, EBM, LBM, PAM, Welding. 3.Design and Evaluation. • Software for 3-D Geometric Modeling: Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor. my bid is $250

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                                     for                                         Design 60mm throttle body for a ITB setup for V8 engine

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    Interesting we will get back to you. Regards Johan

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