Design of 1 webpage presenting some info and map

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Design of 1 webpage presenting some info and map

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We have created TeleportMe, a mobile app that transforms your iphone into a teleportation device:

1. Create a teleport (or use a shared one),
2. follow the arrow (1 tap if you need a map with more details),
3. BAM - you've just been teleported!

Many times we need just a direction to our rented apartment, a friend of ours who awaits nearby or to that nice restaurant recently recommended by our pal.

Other way around: Want your friends to reach your location? Just create a teleport where're you standing and share it using text, mail, facebook or twitter.


We need a psd with a graphic of a single webpage that displays details of a teleport on the web (users are sharing [url removed, login to view] links to share teleports, ie. [url removed, login to view] - this is the current webpage, it is optimized for mobile so users aren't seeing super small letters! ) with CTA button. Details of the website elements are in Must Have section.

The webpage has to display:
1) teleport name
2) teleport context (street name, city)
3) time how long ago teleport was shared
4) google map with a pin to show the teleport's location
5) Call to Action button that opens the teleport in the app (if installed) or redirects to the app store (if app is not installed).
6) link to the homepage.

Whole app is designed with a flat design with some some slightly rounded corners and monocolor 2d shadows.

In attached zip archive we provide:
- screen shots from the actual app
- some proposal/draft of the website (but it doesn't have to look that way ;-) )
- logotype

Our temporary landing page:
[url removed, login to view]

Additionally you can tale a look at this simple page draft at uxpin:
[url removed, login to view]

Some light shadows are allowed but we would prefer not to use any strong gradients, gloss effects nor shadows.

We hope to find a cool design which will suit us and we could talk with the author about some longer cooperation.


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