Design of a Logo for a Login page

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Design of a Logo for a Login page

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We need a logo for the Login page of our Business Web App.

Background of the Web App:
The mangements of sewage plants have to keep and maintain a database of all industrial companies that discard wastewater into their sewage system. The Web App helps to store and administrate the data associated with these companies and their wastewater.

On a regular office desktop monitor the display size of our login page will be about 8 cm x 8 cm. We want to place the logo in the top part of the page; the logo should have a size of about 3 cm x 8 cm (height x width). The Web App is designed primarily for office desktop displays, but will be used on tablets or even handies (mobiles) in the future. Therefore we have implemented responsive design! Thus the logo should be delivered in at least two sizes and appropriate resolutions:
Logo for desktop and tablet: 3 cm x 8 cm (height x width; +/- 15%) with appropriate resolution
Logo for handy (mobile): [url removed, login to view] cm x 2 cm (height x width;+/- 15%) with appropriate resolution

Text for the Logo:
The logo should dispaly the text as shown in the attached pdf-file ([url removed, login to view]). The font, colors, shapes etc can be changed or varied but should adequately represent the technical aspect of the Web App. Within or around or attached to the text should be some kind of background and/or symbol that represent the technical aspect of the Web App.

Colors and templates:
Feel free to use and/or vary the colors/templates given in the attached files. They CAN be used but do not have to be used.
Do not use our company name (MSoftware) for the design of the login page logo.

Recommended Skills:

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