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I need someone artistic and creative to design (initially) two retro travel posters, set in the 1930's and focused on the Spice Islands of Indonesia, one with a flying boat and one with a steamship.

Must haves:
M1 and M2 show a series of volcano's reaching out of tropical seas. These must be stylised in differing ways to form the background for both posters.
The colours dark blue and turquoise must be used very visibly but differently for each poster.
One poster has a stylised flying boat, as per FB1, FB2 or FB3. One poster has a stylised ship as per M7.

Palm trees, tropical plants, sunsets, old maps, navigational instruments eg. N1, N2 or others.

Clean not cluttered.
Similar in concept to M3, M4, M5, M6. Google "retro travel posters" for other ideas.
No text required, will be added to finished designs after selection.

More work to follow for stunning designs.

Attached Files: M1.jpg M2.jpg M3.jpg M4.jpg M5.jpg M6.jpg FB1.jpg FB2.jpg FB3.jpg M7.jpg N1.jpg N2.jpg

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