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We are working on a very different and unique mobile phone news application and want freelancers to design the user interface on three levels.

The first page where users see when they come to the app. On this page, there will be categories like (News, Entertainment, Technology, Politics, Most Popular and Editor' s corner.

If user clicks Technology from the first page for example, it will lead to the second page which has different categories like... Latest, Phones, Gadgets, Apps.

When user clicks any of those, it takes him to the third page which is the news page, where he reads news supplied by rss/atom.

You are simply required to simply design the first, second and third page. No development work is required

We are looking for a design feel like flipboard (Please see attachment).

If chosen, your design will be used for our app and you will be given the credit.

In the attachment, you will also see the example of Google News, both are just for illustration and should not be copied.

We want a very innovative and distinctive design that will capture users attention. Yet, built with simplicity and sophistication.

The App name for the purpose of the design will be iNews. That is not the real name but we do not want to unleash it yet. However, freelancers should work with that pseudo name for now.

Happy designing.

I will clarify more if needed if you send me a private message.

Please see attachment.

Attached Files: app.docx

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