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Just a re-submission of my design with the changes you asked for. I tried to understand to the best of my capabilities, what it is you asked for. If there are any further changes, let me know.

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  • twalters84
    Contest Holder
    • 6 years ago

    Overall, I like that the white background color is gone. I would work on centering the submit or respond to a complain image a bit better. I recommend working on the padding around the ribbon of the employer of the month image; border looks great! I would be interested to see what the freelancer of the year image would look like with the text a bit lower.After you make those changes, I would like to see what the images look like at 100x100 pixels and 150x150 pixels. Thanks for your submission!!!

    • 6 years ago
    1. musanajam11
      • 6 years ago

      Sure, i can submit all that now, what do you mean by the padding on the ribbon btw?

      • 6 years ago