Easy Redo of bottom of Webpage Design - mostly just a new background is needed

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Easy Redo of bottom of Webpage Design - mostly just a new background is needed

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I have a web development company, but we are too busy. I need your help. This is a redo design. The concept is done, I just need it done better. The header image is done. Mostly I need the background redone for a personal ministry site.

I need a better homepage and an internal page mockup. I just need the PSDs with all of the layers.

here is a heading file: [url removed, login to view]
Attached is a mockup using the heading image. So, the heading is fine, but I don't like how dark the rest is.

This is a ministry website for a traveling evangelist. You can see her name and how to spell it in the header image. I'd prefer to not write it in here because I don't want this content to be found within search engines.

- I'd like for you to work with this heading graphic so that it is across the top. If you want to modify the header graphic, I'm open to that. But it will give you the feel.
- I want the width of the main content area to be 1000 pixels and centered, but I need to see the design for the rest of the background (left and right of this center main content) too.
- it needs to be elegant, classy, and stick to pinks, maroons, and gold and white. I think the background is too dark right now. And I don't want it too gaudy. Make it work with the header provided.
- I also need an internal page that can handle two columns or one column of content. The same header can be used, but I need the design that goes under it. Basically, I need to have a background that will work with the header image. You can put sample text and sample headings on it, but it is the background that I really need.

On the homepage:
- there should be a space for a featured video (I will use youtube) near the top
- there should be a very simple menu/navigation (it can be on the left or across the top
- there should be a tout that takes you to her calendar page
- there should be a tout that takes you a prayer requests page
- there should be a tout that takes you to a page to learn more about C.L. see her name in the header image)

Here are the menu/navigation links that is needed on both pages:
- home (this needs to be added)
- bio
- itinerary
- sow a seed
- prayer requests
- products for sale
- contact

to summarize: I need two pages, an internal and the homepage.

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