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I have an image attached that I would like to be incorporated, either on the front or back cover. (Its a mosaic that was done by some students.) It can be cropped and modified as needed.

Print layout is about 11x17.....back cover of book on left side, cover on right side
Here is the link to the template, if that helps: http://www.memorybook.com/support-forms/templates/
The one called: "PS06 Hardback Cover Temp 51-75 pgs.tif"

It must have the words "Lamar" and "2013 - 2014"
Optional variations: Lamar Elementary, Lamar Lions

The schools colors are turquoise/teal and an orange. I'm attaching the logo so you can get the correct colors. You could use the logo if wanted but it's not necessary.

I'm doing the inside pages of the yearbook a little bit grungy, so you could take that into consideration, but again, not required. My most important consideration is that it's aesthetically pleasing. And it also needs to be appropriate for 5-11 year olds.

I working with PSE, so I need it in TIF or PSD format, preferably with the background as a separate layer, as I may need to make a slight adjustment to the size.
Thanks! :)

Attached Files: lion mosaic.jpg logo lion pride.png logo just lamar lion.png

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