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Part 1
The Items Sold Template has three datasets. The first is the Sales Data; this has several years of data and shows, by invoice number, what was purchased and the quantity shipped. Item Code is the field which lists the part numbers. The second table is Bill To information: by invoice number, who was the customer which purchased the items. Finally, Parts Data lists, by part number, the manufacturer and spray category or application of the part.

The initial model should include a drop down box for the Primary part number; invoice numbers of the transaction when the part was purchased; customer name and whether they are repeat customers for this part; a list of parts purchased on the invoice except the one in the drop down box. A PDF is provided for guidance, with two caveats’: First, you can make whatever model fulfills the requirements; two, this is not necessary comprehensive either vertically or horizontally, but the print area was formatted to fit something on one page.

Hint: on the Sales Data worksheet, generate a list of the Part Numbers sold, and the number of transactions they were part of. Then, develop a similar list of Invoice Numbers. This will give you an idea as the scope of the issue, both in terms of the maximum number of times a part was purchased, and the maximum number of parts that was purchased at one time.

Part 2
Design a table that will list all parts sold with the Primary part, the number of time sold, and number of times sold with a repeat customer as well as unique order. Also include the manufacturer and manufacturing category.
Hint: Link into the analysis in Part 1 and create two fields: one for the list of parts sold with the primary, and another indicating whether it was a repeat order or not. Create a unique list of parts, and perform the rest of the analysis.

Attached PDF Files contain outputs of what I am desiring the models to match. Raw data can be found in Items Sold Template Excel File. Please place models on new sheet in original raw data file.

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