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This is just a sketch, it should be colorful with blue/greenish as a prime color. The lantern will be the second light source for it's highlight, perhaps orange-ish. I think it will done better in a vector format, or perhaps you have other insight? What do you think?

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  • janisn
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    • 4 months ago

    I do think a vector format would be ideal. I like the design concept. I'm a little concerned it might be too busy but I really like how you have water throughout like that. I think on my boat it would look better if it were longer horizontally and not as tall.

    I'd like the lower body to be more curvy and not as straight down. The lantern should be held up a little more so it's obvious it's lighting the way. The left hand perhaps should be lower, it looks like she's waving which looks strange. I can't see the chain. I was thinking the mermaid would be more to one side so you can see the chain going through the letters. It would be awesome if there was an anchor at the end of the chain since the concept is breaking free from what holds you back.

    The lantern needs to be an old ship lantern. The one she's holding isn't quite it.

    I like the flowing hair and tail. That looks really cool. And I like the font as well. I'd like the final coloring of that to be some kind of metalic look.

    • 4 months ago