Facebook cover series

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Facebook cover series

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I've created a set of pages that I want turned into Facebook-cover sized pages. The requirement of this project is for you to create a look and feel (and illustrations) that can be re-used for future animations, powerpoint presentations, etc.

The attachments are crude mockups intended to communicate the story line that the reader would experience by going through the pages. They are for two separate brands with two separate logos and color schemes, although the photos, illustrations, etc can be shared and the layout can be very similar.

The photos used in the attachments are copies from Google images. I don't have the rights to these images and cannot use them. They must be replaced with stock photos or illustrations you provide for which I can buy the rights. (You don't have to buy the rights for your mockups, but you do need to tell me what source (istockphoto, getty images, etc.) you used so I can buy them.

The smartphone graphic and individual people figures are images I do have the rights for, so they can be used or you can replace with your own illustrations. I don't have the rights for the tornado, fire and lightning bolt illustration and don't like those anyway. You will need to replace them with better images, which you can either draw yourself or find replacements for on some stock image site (again, you don't need to pay for any 3rd-party images; just tell me where I can go to find them.)

You do not need to create all 10 pages of each PDF to compete in this contest, but you will be expected to deliver all of the pages before being paid the full contest payment. At a minimum, you should produce pages 1,2 5, and 7 for one of the two brands, at 2 pages of the other brand. If you win the contest, you will create the other pages before I make the final payment.

I will supply better quality versions of the logos for the final product.

The final files must be delivered in at least the following formats: eps, png and jpg.

If you don't know the requirements for Facebook covers, this article looks helpful: [url removed, login to view] It shows the size and had a link to Facebook's guidance on covers.

**** Added guidance:

- The audience for Facebook is generally young people and that is the audience for this project;
- Young people care about things they think are relevant to them. So they are unlikely to pay attention to images they cannot relate to;
- This means that the images should be as specific as they can be. Pictures of the world or the globe are probably not going to work, in general;
- We are trying to motivate young people to sign up for an emergency alert service - to provide their mobile number so they can get a text warning them of some danger.

I've done a few contests and have a 5-star rating as a buyer. If you win this contest, there will be other work I am likely to give you afterwards.

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