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Prize (USD)

Contest Brief is looking for the world's best Graphic Designer!

If you have what it takes to mold pixels in a way that creates a show stopping, eye popping, OMGWOW-factor design, then we want you!

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be running a few design contests to find out which of you has what it takes to be deemed our very own Graphic Design Elite.

This is your chance to re-imagine the look and feel of your favorite outsourcing website! The winner will not only win the cash prize for the contest, but will be also considered for future work on projects.

Your mission for this contest:
- We want you to redesign our very own homepage (
- Ensure you keep all functionality intact in your design (feel free to include the current header and footer in your design or create your own)
- Enter as many design ideas as you want - the winner will be selected by the end of the contest deadline.

It's that simple...

You're still here? The clock is ticking! Get creative and submit your design ideas today!

Attached Files: freelancer-logo-assets.psd freelancer-logo-color-CMYK.eps

Recommended Skills:

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