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Game Design

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Descrição do Projeto:
Develop a project design for a mobile game ( iOS and Android ) . With vibrant colors and attractive and cheerful setting , where they should be built around 4 main scenarios ( Loading screen , menu screen , the main setting of the game , the alternative scenario of the game ) , Approximately 5 splash screen , and game items :

- 2 main characters;
- Food and fruits (100 total);
- 3 gym equipment and scenarios;
- Power-ups (about 15 items);
- Items for achievements (em torno de 50 itens);
- About 20 screens (full games scenarios)

About the game:
- Smartphone, tablet and facebook;
- Touch screen controls
- Strong and cartoony caracters
- Suitable for all
- 2D physics

FUN and "educational" Game
- Humor and information are key factors
- Funny characters
- Cartoony graphics
- Wacky sound design

and so on...

What I have?
- Storeboards
- Functional Specification
- On-line information and help (Skype and e-mail)

I already have a conceptual GDD ( high level) and the main storeboards with the visual concept of the game .

And you?
You wil have to sign a NDA! And you also need to do:
- Certainly , besides the items mentioned in "WHAT TO DO?" all SPRITES drawn to the movement of equipment , objects and characters (eg fruits and foods launched movements of the characters in gym EQUIPMENTS and picking up the food , chef throwing fruit and food , etc.)

The deadline to build all this is at most 1 month, SO WORK HARD!.

The only mandatory requirement is that it be developed high-quality graphics , because the visual appeal is essential .

Despite storeboard drawings , the designer will free your creativity to suggest the characters and designs that are best applicable to you. Be creative and surprise me!

Regards ,
Juliano Mendes
HUGE Digital

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