Graphic for clothing brand and music group: The Ba...

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Graphic for clothing brand and music group: The Badge Hussars (BadgeHussars.com)

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This is a new 'brand'. We need an identity, not just a logo.
The graphic will initially be on caps, T-shirts, rugby shirts and promotional items.
The name may also be used to promote a musical group / band.
"Badge Hussars" is a humourous phrase. It sounds like "Badger's Arse" as in the phrase "Rough as a badger's arse."
The associated clothing line will include hard wearing products for work or outdoor persuits, as well as smart-casual wear for younger people.

Ideally, the products should link back to the website. We will embroider QRCodes onto clothing etc to encourage this.

The text of the 'graphics' probably needs to include the two words: "Badge Hussars"
The text MAY also include ".com" if this can be done without spoiling the 'look' of the graphic.

Please read the comments we have made about existing contest entries for more guidance on what we need.

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