HTML Email Newsletter - Create 4 Seperate Functional High Quality Designs

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HTML Email Newsletter - Create 4 Seperate Functional High Quality Designs

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We need 4 separate high quality Email Marketing Newsletters that are in HTML and has plain text (must pass spam testing)

1) Must be compatible to view on all devices (e.g. ipad, tablets, smartphones, blackberries, etc.)
2) Must load fast and quickly, no lag or delay
3) It must follow the CAN-SPAM law (un-subscribe opt-out section, physical address, advertisement indication)
4) We're not just looking for a designer, but also a marketing professional that can word the advertisement in a way to maximize clicks from the readers.
5) The design of the email marketing newsletter/advertisement should be very professional looking. The design should be very simple, clean, and to the point with no distractions. It will show the Limited Time New Player sign-up bonus,("875 FREE BONUS" with 3 very small symbol for Euros, Pounds and Dollars in front of the 875), explain that the online casino is a trusted, reputable, licensed casino, all this while portraying an urgent 'call-to-action'. One of the 4 newsletters will advertise Live Dealers 24/7 along with the 875 bonus. The others will be up to you to create with your creativeness. We will attach some photos that can be used. Or you can find your own photos and we will purchase the licensing. (The attached live dealer photos will have to have the brown/white background changed.) Our website can be viewed at this link: [url removed, login to view]
6) Advertisement should have an all black background and be a size of 500 x 500.
7) Would like to review a mockup design first before completing final emailer.
8) The designer should be an expert in designing email marketing newsletters.
9) Future work available for winning designer. 2nd and 3rd place winners may also be asked to do future work for us.
10) Feel free to submit multiple ideas. We will choose your 4 best newsletters

Creativity welcome. Please No cartoons or cartoon themes, the online casino has an upscale theme.

Keep in mind the viewer will only be looking at the advertisement for a few seconds and the intent is to have the user click on the advertisement to register then play in the casino. (Typical online casino players are males aged 25-60 who are interested in sports and technology).

Thank you!!

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