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We are holding a contest for a conceptual design for a hangar.

A commercial contractor is in need of schematic renderings for their corporate hangar in Southern Utah. The hangar dimensions are 140' x 200' with an attached office section of 50' x 200'. The hangar will face the ramp/runway, which orients the building to face NW. The office portion will be on the north side of the hangar. Vehicle and pedestrian access from both the ramp and the street will be on the north side. The hangar door will be on the south side and will be 20' tall x 75' wide. The exterior should be unique and express modern aviation. The idea is to avoid a typical hangar look.

*All concept design rights will be ours by submission of your design.
*All submissions will be in .pdf and AutoDesk or SketchUp compatible file.
*Must be received before January 30th 2014 @ 2:30pm MST

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