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Help us rename a high quality Australian made skin care range!!!

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We need your help to create a great brand name for a high quality Australian made skin care range for women (men can use them too)!!!

We currently have a brand that has not been launched as we are unhappy with it. We are hoping you can help us create a new brand!! See attached pictures. We hope you can create a brand name which suits our products better to take into account the quality and features of the product. We'd like a brand that has mass appeal to both younger and older women because of its benefits and features. The main benefits and features of our products are:

- 100% Australian Made using high quality naturally grown and extracted ingredients that are soft on the skin
- Value for money - the product costs only US $[url removed, login to view] - $[url removed, login to view] a jar
- Attractive packaging with glass jars and high quality cardboard
- Aimed at women (and men) from 25 - 75 years of age)
- high quality and effective ingredients that actually help reduce signs of ageing, ingredients that actually help whiten and brighten the skin and reduce age and sun spots, high quality ingredients that moisturise the skin deeply and well

Our range has four high quality products

1. A Moisturising DAY CREAM that keeps the skin soft and smooth
2. An anti aging and anti wrinkle NIGHT CREAM for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to lift the skin around the face and neck.
3. WHITENING CREAM for whitening and brightening the skin and reducing age and sun spots
4. LANOLIN cream for general purpose moisturising

The creams contain the following natural Australian made and grown ingredients, so they come from pure and natural sources.

- Emu Oil (Anti-Aging Effect - Emu Oil is unsurpassed for its moisturizing properties. Studies found that dry aging skin increased in thickness by 2-3 times when treated with Emu Oil. Age spots and wrinkles diminished noticeably. Stretch Marks & Scars - Emu Oil is being used as a natural treatment for stretch marks and scars)
- Vitamin E (Vitamin E is also an effective wrinkle treatment. Vitamin E oil protects and regenerates the skin, in addition to promoting collagen production.)
- Macadamia Oil (Macadamia nuts originate from the Australian rain forests. It contains high concentration of palmitoleic acid. Palmitoleic acid is present in young children's skin but the level diminishes with age, hence older people should use it to rejuvenate their skin. The oil is a moisturizer and it softens the skin, and it is helpful in healing mild wounds and restoring youthfulness to skin.)
- Collagen (Topical purified atelocollagen will increase proliferation of the body’s own collagen, and show dramatic results when treating scarring and aging skin conditions)

- Emu Oil (see above)
- EDERLINE S (a lipidic apple seed extract which counters skin aging)
- Laminixyl S (naturally lifts the skin to create a younger appearance and reduce fine lines)

- ACHROMAXYL IS (a new, patented skin-lightening active ingredient derived from natural but powerful plant extracts. It whitens the skin and reduces age spots and sun spots when used over time)
- EMU OIL (see above)
- MACADAMIA OIL (see above) - combines with the Achromaxyl IS to increase the effectiveness of the cream.
- VITAMIN E (see above)

- LANOLIN - Our Lanolin is processed using the purest Australian methods available and does not irritate the skin. Lanolin's molecular structure most closely resembles that of human skin lipids. It's a semi-occlusive breathable barrier, so it protects and absorbs at the same time. Once it penetrates into the skin, it holds up to 400 times its weight in water, so it's a fantastic moisture reservoir for skin. Lanolin both moisturises skin from the outside, and helps the skin to moisturise itself from within. This results in baby soft skin.
- VITAMIN E (see above)
- COLLAGEN (see above)

We're looking forward to s

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