House - Exterior Paint Color Combos

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House - Exterior Paint Color Combos

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I need to see seven main color and trim color paint color option to decide which color combination we want to go with.
Here are the seven option of color combos to make the house these colors and load the 7 pics as seven different entries. I will award the winning entry.

Here are the instructions: using the "Colors for exterior of house" file to choose the color combos, make the house these color combos listed below so we can see which color combo we like best. We will award the winner accordingly.

IMPORTANT: the color strips are from the paint manufacturer SHERWIN WILLIAMS, so if you have the ability to get these exact colors so i know that is exact, then i will pay an extra $[url removed, login to view] for that otherwise looking at it and eyeballing the colors to get close should do. Here are the combos i need to see:

1) the dark green trim color will be the darker color, the light blue main color paint on of the house itself and the eves and the lower skirt in the lower front of the house is the main color.

2) the only part of the dark green trim that won't be the dark trim color, is the two green posts in the very front n the middle that go from the cement ground to the dark brown ledge. Those posts will no longer be painted the color of the trim, they will
Be the color of the main color.

3) the rail going across the front will also get painted the main color to match the lower skirting.

4) the dark brown trim and ledge top will stay that color, And the wood color inside on the patio around the window will stay that color as well.

5) now using the attached picture of the colors strips from Sherwin Williams paint collection we are going to create 8 different picture samples of trim with main color paint so we can see which color combo looks best.
Here are the 8 color combos that you will do and create 8 images of the house with these two colors.

All Colors are from SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT and can be found at:
[url removed, login to view]+6079
Instructions at that sight, in the search bar at the top right, type in the paint color, example: SW 6079 , then it shows you that EXACT color we need for the main color on the house or for the trim. ok here are the 7 color / trim color combos we need to see.

also: the current #5 entry is the nearest to how the colors should be. The railing and lower front and all main areas of the house should be one color. The trim and dark strips that run across from of the house and the dark trim on the patio by the window, as well as the trim at the very top area of the house all these areas should be the darker trim. the posts in the middle in the front are suppose to be the main color of the house and blend in with that lower area and same for top half of those posts, they should be the color of the main color so they blend in with the lower area.

Okay, here are the EXACT colors per what is at SHERMIN WILLIAMS paint website. now you should be able to get the colors exact.

Option 1: The main color is SHERWIN WILLIAMS SW 6044 (Doeskin), the trim will be SW 6046 (Swing Brown)

Option 2: The main color is SHERWIN WILLIAMS SW 6065 (Bona Fide Beige)), the trim will be SW 6067. (Mocha)

Option 3: The main color is SHERWIN WILLIAMS SW 6065 (Bona Fide Beige), the trim color will be SW 6068 (Brevily Brown)

Option 4: the main color is SHERWIN WILLIAMS SW 6101 (Sands Of Time), the trim color will be SW 6103 (Tea Chest)

Option 5: the main color is SHERWIN WILLIAMS SW 6101 (Sands of Time), the trip color will be SW 6104 (Koffee)

Option 6: the main color is SHERWIN WILLIAMS SW 6108 (Latte), the trim color will be SW 6011(Coconut Husk)

Option 7: the main color is SHERWIN WILLIAMS SW 6150 (Universal Khaki), the trim will be SW 6153 Protege Bronze)

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