I need an upgrade at this linux dialer

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I need an upgrade at this linux dialer

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PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDING !!!!! I NEED THIS DIALER wich i have uploaded modified and upgraded , meaning i want to have the phone number of the person entering data to be saved in the result text , i need it to be able to run with multiple sips , meaning if a sip reach its maximum channel lines open to use the needing channels from the other sips , i want to be modified to be able to use MORE then 50 lines at once , maybe 100-200-500 lines i want it UPGRADED AND i need to fix the errors like to create the putgoing REDIAL of a number wich is not available or not answered or busy it must call it back at a later time . now it has an error and it does not ! i am willing to pay EXTRA for some quality dialer made upon this one !

ALSO PLEASE NOTE i am disputing a milestone as we speak a 230 $ milestone , SO I WILL NOT CREATE A MILESTON AND WILL NOT RELEASE IT UNLESS YOU SHOW PROOF OF WORK AND PROOF IS WORKING ! I believed the lies of a freelancer created mileston and released the initial and 2 weeks later there was no work and now i lost another week to dispute the mileston and recover my money ! SO DON T GET ANGAGED UNLESS YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT I NEED AND UNLESS YOU AGREE to the terms i am asking ! If you can do this and are smart i will hire you for 3 more projects ! goodluck !!!

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