I need some Graphic Design for UI of game app for iOS

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I need some Graphic Design for UI of game app for iOS

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I have posted the existing layout for a dice game here in files please keep to the same layout, I am only after a new look really, I am looking for a similar layout ( I am open to other layouts, but must have all the same components to perform same current functions), must be simple to understand and I want the design and graphics to blow me away, the current design is very ugly in my opinion

There is one area in particular I am very concerned to look supreme so please message me to find out what this area is.

As this design will be for an app, all graphics will have to be compatible so it can be used as an iOS app for iPhones and iPads.

I have many more game apps that need great UI graphic overhauls and new apps being made all the time, so if winner knocks me off my chair this could turn into long term work, the better the apps do long term, the better we will pay!

Feel free to contact me via message for more details of the design I am looking for.

Again click on the files link to see the existing layout, the look should be modern and very appealing to the eyes!

Good Luck and Thank You in advance!

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