I need some Graphic Design for a Comic book style Flyer

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I need some Graphic Design for a Comic book style Flyer

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I would like to create a mail box drop style flyer. 1 page only, promoting some form of text in a COMIC book style theme.

The business is promoting 3 types of home security options with indicative pricing.....

Only true Graphic designers, and illustrators need apply!!!

Additional information will be supplied to the successful applicants.
[url removed, login to view]
[url removed, login to view]:&ved=&url=http%3A%2F%[url removed, login to view]%2F2013%2F04%2F05%2Fgdc-2013-fighting-with-dc-comic-book-icons-in-injustice-gods-among-us%2F&ei=KaBHUqbIDsPwiAfeyYGYCw&psig=AFQjCNGZoS1RgSNJ10nRKUkJMvuFcxDsDQ&ust=1380512169311041
[url removed, login to view]:&imgrefurl=http://comicbuzz.com/2011/10/the-lone-ranger-rides-again-at-dynamite-entertainment/&docid=FFpr59ILP3uTzM&imgurl=http://comicbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads//2011/10/DeathZorro03-2.jpg&w=663&h=1019&ei=XaBHUqLnBMSokQWlm4HoDQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:64,s:0,i:280&iact=rc&page=2&tbnh=186&tbnw=109&start=36&ndsp=42&tx=20&ty=76


iTel offer a range of home security services including CCTV,
home alarm systems & doorbell camera phones

All iTel staff are accredited and hold current Victorian Police checks.

iTel has security systems have a security solution for all types of installations, including commercial and residential.

Security solutions starting from $499 installed!

BOSCH ALARMS STARTING FROM $880 inc gst Installed
Sony effio CCTV installed starting from $880 inc gst
Door Camera with 7” color screen starting form $499 inc gst

For all other iTel services please visit [url removed, login to view]

ps. Did you know we can connect your iphone to view your camera! anywhere in the world!

Call iTel today for a “OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE” on
1300 732 372 or visit our website at [url removed, login to view]


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