I need some Graphic Design for a Web landing page

I need some Graphic Design for a Web landing page

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Need a custom graphic along the themes of the london underground map.

I have attached a mockup graphic that we created on the white board and need this recreated with considerable creative thinking, using maybe a bit of flash and custom graphic,

This newly created graphic will be used as a website landing page it is meant to look a bit like a London underground map,

Details on the London underground map. [url removed, login to view]

This will be the landing page to business intelligence reporting site, the reporting with be for telecommunications data. We are taking data from various sources ie, Telecom, Cisco Call Manager, Mobile carrier, Call Centre and blended the data from all sources so that we can follow a phone call from when it is made all the way to when it hangs up.

The idea of this landing page will be so that when a user logs in to our new system they will click on a place ( text) and this will directly take them to a specific report.

It is important that this page looks very professional and business like yet very attractive so it leave a great first impression.

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