I need some Graphic Design for a coin token

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Need a design in Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics format and adobe illustrator format) including both sides of the item (medal / coin).

I have provided a photo of the face to be placed on the item, and I need you to provide a detailed vector graphics version of the face in the photograph to imprint on to the item as well as some text (see below) and patterns and a logo on the front. The logo will only be provided at the very end of the competition (to the winner to be added) but rest assured it is a simple logo (just a single character).

These should be laid out on a coin face so that it looks kind of like the example below (with text / images instead of white boxes; original text has been removed). The conversion of the face in the image to vector graphics is the trickiest part of this, and preserving the detail is very important. Please make sure the whole head is fully on the coin (hair not cut off) with a bit of space at the top for the text (see below).

Please see this link for an example of the style of design and the kind of detail required on the front of the coin:

Note that all images, features and text will be raised from the coin's surface.

Here is the actual image to be converted to vector graphics:

If you need another picture for the top of the hair (so you can get a sense of what's cut off) see here:

Small text, running around the top half of the edge of the coin from left to right (clockwise) should read:
Rebuilding the world by block

On the space on the left hand side, at around nose level, the text should be on two rows and should read:

On the space on the right hand side, also at nose level the text should read:

The other side of the coin will be quite simple - some text around the edge and two indented circles in the middle for a sticker to go in / cover.
The text curved around the edge of this side of the coin (the text goes on the black part in the example image, but in our version the coin will be all silver not black/bronze) should read:
[top half; clockwise] - Rebuilding the world -
[bottom half; anticlockwise] block by block

There will be a slight raised edge on both sides of the coin. Overall, the coin will be about 3.5cm in diameter and a few mm thick (c. 0.5cm)

All details of the project are to be kept confidential and ownership of the files and copyright for the winning design will be transferred to me on completion of the final payment for the winner of the competition. Any remaining copies of work relating to this project that are held by the freelancer must be sent to me, then destroyed by the freelancer once competition is complete. Entry into this competition indicates acceptance of these terms.

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