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I'm launching three books on Amazon, and consequently I'm looking for three ebook covers.

The books are epic fantasy.

I'm seeking a distinctive look, simple and almost stark. The images I have in mind would be either in the style of tribal tattoos, but white on a black background, or in the style of Picasso's bullfighter or his Don Quixote - also white on black.. If you don't know what I'm talking about just google 'tribal wolf tattoo', or 'Picasso bull fighter' and you'll see the sort of thing I mean. These should not be humorous images.

Having said that, I am no graphic designer, and I'm open to suggestions. If you can wow me with a really stunning original idea, then I may be willing to go with it.

I am giving all three titles because the font face and pitch should be identical for all three books. The title should be above the image and my name below (Tim Stead). The image should occupy at least 50% of the cover.The font I've been tinkering with is Maiandra GD, but I'm not fussy - what works works.

I will be awarding one third of the prize money to each winning image, and while I would prefer to work with one artist, I am quite happy to work with three.

So the books are:

The Seventh Friend
The image should be a wolf - white on a black background. It can be a simple face
or the entire animal (preferred), but it should express the qualities of strength and dignity (if that's possible!)

The Bloodstained God
The image should be a pair of crossed swords similar to Japanese katanas - shallow curve.The swords would again be renderded in white on a black background, but could benefit from a touch of red on the edge of the blade. A western style leather grip would be preferred to the cloth grip seen on most genuine Japanese swords. I'm sort of open to changes on this. If you want more detail feel free to contact me.

The Pity Stone
The image should be a dragon. White on a black background. This may be as stylised or fanciful as you like. The dragon should be winged in the european fashion.

This could lead to further work, as I have three more books that will be going on line this or next year, and paperback editions of all six are highly probable. And I'm still writing...

Your image would be 1563 pixels on the shortest side (wide) and 2500 pixels on the longest side (high), as recommended by amazon.

If you want to get a flavour of the books you can pick up the first chapter of each on my web site www.timstead.info.

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