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Amore Infernale entry (2nd fix)

Done with the tweaks as requested. tweaks: -background in panels 2 to 4 are fixed ( actually I sent the wrong file sorry my bad) -for the text font, I found this cool site that gave me Komika font which is also free for production and commercial use. -text bubble borders are thickened but I can sill bring it back to it's original thickness if you need to -text bubble effects for Ambassador to express the idea of an otherworldy sounding voice. I used blue as the border give this kind and calming tone. I added some dark deep red text borders for Terzini too to express deep emotions like passion and anger and further immerse the reader into his character (just an idea though so if you want the plain black then I can always revert it back) -the coliseum's color, the sunlight filter I added somehow made unwanted changes so I turned it off. I used the same colors from the original reference image I used.

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